​Generate and monitor contractual dates timeline

Introductions to all parties involved

Open escrows, connect with Lenders and schedule inspections

Order Home Warranty policies and other items per contract

File management in Docusign Transaction Rooms

Facilitate disclosures and required paperwork for electronic signatures with Docusign

Perform routine paperwork audits to stay within BRE requirements

Coordinate terms and invoices with escrow

Submit complete files to brokers system of choice

Monitor one year closing anniversary 


Open presale escrows

Schedule Inspections

Order Natural Hazards Reports and Sellers coverage home warranty policies 

Introductions to all parties involved 

File management in Docusign Transaction Rooms

Generate seller disclosure packages includes all CAR state mandated forms, city/ county required disclosures & any company specific advisories

Facilitate electronic signatures through Docusign

Review all documents for complete signatures/ initials and content

Compile disclosure packages in Disclosures.IO for sharing/ tracking

Monitor listing expiration dates 

Services included